Primary Care / POD

At Emerald Physicians, we offer high quality, accessible, Patient-centered primary care.

Our Physicians are board-certified in either internal medicine or family medicine, and offer a wide breadth of knowledge and experience.

Together, with an experienced and compassionate group of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, they form our practice’s Team of Providers.

And a talented team of Nurses, dedicated to Patient care, fully compliment your Patient experience.

In 2012, our practice pioneered an innovative model of primary care known as the POD model.  In response to a dynamic healthcare landscape, we sought to preserve the Provider-Patient relationship in a manner based on education, empowerment and advocacy.  In this model, there are three experts in the room:  the Patient, the Physician, and the Nurse, all learning from each other.

Each Physician has a team of Nurses.  One Nurse stays with each Patient for their entire visit, listening to that person’s unique needs, gathering relevant information, providing educational resources, and presenting to the Physician.

The Physician has dedicated, quality time with the Patient to foster the Physician-Patient relationship.  If a Patient wishes to have alone time with just the Physician, that is also an option for every Patient at every visit.

With this innovative approach, Patients feel well-cared for, and Physicians are able to engage with more Patients, enhancing access.

A few of our Physicians, as well as our Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners, follow a more traditional model of care where the Nurse completes the Patient intake and then leaves the room when the Provider arrives.  Both the POD and traditional models are Patient-centered options available to you.