Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine is a relatively new medical specialty, which addresses healthy behaviors that can improve health and uses proven strategies to sustain them.  In fact, many diseases can be prevented or even reversed with proper nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction, and sleep quality.

Carol Penfield, MS, NPc, ABLM, is a Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Lifestyle Medicine and is board-certified by the American Board of Lifestyle Medicine. In her practice, Carol provides an initial functional exam, medical review, and evaluation of lifestyle changes and needs specific to the individual.  A treatment plan that includes strategies for disease prevention and non-pharmacological management will be developed and outcome markers established.  The Patient will then continue with episodic visits or enroll in a Lifestyle Medicine Shared Medical Appointment every two weeks.

Your Primary Care Physician at Emerald Physicians can make a referral for a Lifestyle Medicine appointment with Carol Penfield, MS, NPc, ABLM and a Scheduling Coordinator will set up a convenient time for you.