Thoughts from our Patients

Although it is my fervent wish that I never have to benefit from the full breadth and depth of Emerald’s capabilities, from what I have experienced I know I am in the best of hands.”


Regarding the new patient care program, it was one of the best experiences I ever had!  It was phenomenal!  I felt…how can I say this…almost nurtured with the whole team there for me.”


Everyone I have had contact with in your office has exhibited exemplary communication and interpersonal skills.  I have had the pleasure to speak with the front office ladies, bone density screening, lab, MAs or gals who placed me in the exam room, Andrea, and the kind woman who answered the phone and pleasantly assisted me with directions when I flustered.  Thank you for creating and supporting a professional, competent and pleasant office environment.”


You are certainly working late on a Fri night. My husband and I just love Emerald Physicians, in the 10 years we have been with Emerald Physicians, I have never encountered a person did not want to please!!” [Sent from a patient who was helped by an employee via email at night]


I have been thoroughly impressed by your treatment and diagnosis’s over the years that I was a patient of yours and I hope that my new, local physician will be as kind and thorough as you, and the rest of the staff at Emerald Physicians have been.” [Sent by a patient of Dr. Crosson’s who relocated to the West coast]


I do have to say after living on Cape Cod for 13 years, there is no more customer-focused business I have run into than Emerald Physicians. Everything about this business makes me feel like they are thinking of me first. I wish so many other service providers locally could experience what excellence in customer service looks like through first-hand experience with Emerald Physicians. It is good to have a billing problem, a missed appointment, or special need of some kind. That is when your organization shines. Thanks for getting me in to see Dr. Rana and please tell the Emerald team to keep up the great work.”


I can’t tell you how comforting it is knowing that we belong to a Medical Group that is as caring & as professional as Emerald Physicians. Your efforts make your patients feel important!”


…I am proud to be a patient of Emerald Physicians. This is a patient first, progressive, compassionate practice. Home visits will meet the needs of so many, thank you.”


I think that your home visits concept is fabulous. Congratulations !! You are all to be highly commended. Both my wife and I, along with one of our sons, are patients of Emerald Physicians. We are most happy with all of our experiences since we have become Emerald patients. Our doctors (Drs Weber and Holland) are superb and your extended staff are all marvelous. Thank you for the services that you provide us and the general Cape Cod Community.”


It is so good to be part of Emerald. It is a very warm feeling. I know there is ALWAYS someone available to see me.” [from a patient of Dr. Weinstein-Moreno]


I had my appointment with Dr. Julie Craig-Muller today. What a wonderfully compassionate and communicative doctor she is! I have never had a doctor spend so much time with me. Thank you to you and to Dr. Coyle for making this important connection happen.

Jane, my intake nurse, as well as the Emerald Physicians’ receptionists also contributed to a positive experience despite my bothersome back.

I am so grateful.”

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