Which Food Has More Sodium Quiz

Take this quiz at Consumer Reports Health to find out how much sodium is hidden in some foods.

Heart Rate Profile During Exercise as a Predictor of Sudden Death

Changes in heart rate during exercise and recovery from exercise are mediated by the balance between sympathetic and vagal activity. Since alterations in the neural control of cardiac function contribute to the risk of sudden death, we tested the hypothesis that among apparently healthy persons, sudden death is more likely to occur in the presence [Read More]

Top 10 Super Foods

The top ten antioxidant (based on ORAC count) or “super foods” are: 1.     Acai Berry- According to new Front Desk person at Higgins Crowell, this berry is very prevalent in Brazil.  Dr. Sid said that here in the states the most common form is a powder that is a great addition to your morning cereal.  [Read More]

Fruits & Vegtables cut the risk of heart attack by 4%

Every additional serving of fruit or vegetable cut the risk of heart attack by 4%. This translates to 8% for eating 1 banana ( 1 banana = 2 servings). If you add a big apple in the afternoon ( 2 servings), a big salad for lunch ( 2 servings), veggie soup and some beans for [Read More]

Aerobic plus weight training

NEW YORK (Reuters Health) Jul 25 – A combination of weight training and aerobic exercise might be the best prescription for overweight people at risk for diabetes and heart disease, a new study suggests. People doing only aerobic exercise dropped weight and inches off their waistlines — so an aerobic-only program is also a good [Read More]

Why You Need A Physical

The Annual Physical Exam is an American tradition that dates back to the 1920’s.  This yearly physical  has many benefits, the most important of which is the early detection of disease including cancer, diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  These illnesses can be present for years before they cause any symptoms.  Finding and treating them early can [Read More]

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