A Letter to Health Professionals from Cormac Coyle, MD

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Dear Health Professional Colleague,

I am writing to update you on the sale of Emerald Physicians to Cape Cod Healthcare. Although the news may be unexpected this was a carefully thought out, carefully planned decision that I believe is a win win for everyone.

As a Healthcare Professional in our community you can expect to see only positive changes going forward.

We will continue to hire more high quality Primary Care Doctors, nurses and support staff, open new offices, and improve access so that eventually we will have 7 day coverage.

Our closer integration with the Hospital will gradually bring more seamless care and transfer of information between our respective institutions. 

We are focused on providing same day (or within 24 hr ) access to all our patients- something we are approaching as I write.

Most importantly this agreement allows for the continuity of everything Emerald and protects the integrity of our organization and its employees in the event that the sole risk bearing entity up to now (me) suffered an adverse event.

I personally am going to be at the helm at Emerald for at least the next 5 years at least (God Willing ). I have signed a 5 year employment agreement for a start to remain doing exactly what I am doing.  Independently and without interference.

Our efficient and productive staff will remain in place and we will be expanding upon that with new hires. We will continue to interact with your office in the same way as we always have.

Our Physicians will remain first and foremost as patient advocates and will continue to act independently on their behalf – IN EVERY WAY ! Their referral patterns will not change or be changed in any way.

Our standards will continue to be driven upwards and no drop in standards will be tolerated. We will continue to innovate on behalf of better, more efficient and comprehensive care.

I have only positive things to relate about the C.E.O. of Cape Cod Healthcare, Mike Lauf. He has been a trusted partner in this process and both our visions for a Cape Cod Primary Care system are completely aligned.

However Emerald Physicians as a wholly owned subsidiary will continue to practice and run its operations independently in the same way as we have up to now.

I know this news will be good for our patients now and into the future. With your help we will make a better Emerald and a better experience for our shared patients.

I am asking for your trust and I promise you that our aim is true on behalf of you and your practice and on behalf of all of our patients and this community.

You may contact me directly at ccoyle@emeraldphysicians.com if you wish to comment, voice a concern, ask a question or to wish us all the best.


Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,

Cormac Coyle, MD

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