Emerald Physician Services, LLC

ACO Name and Location

Emerald Physician Services, Inc.

433 West Main Street

Hyannis, Massachusetts 02601


ACO Primary Contact

Dr Susan Harrington, DNP




Composition of ACO:



ACO Participants

  • • Emerald Physician Services, Inc. of Hyannis, MA


ABC ACO Governing Body

Dr. Cormac Coyle, Medical Director, Voting Member and Chair

Dr. Susan Harrington, DNP, Voting Member, Compliance Officer & Quality Assurance

Elizabeth Dunton, NP, Voting Member, Financial/Marketing Officer

Dr Daniel Arnold, Voting Member, ACO provider Emerald Physician Services, Inc.

Mrs. Bonnie Peterson, Non Voting Member, Medicare Beneficiary Representative

Dr Nathaniel Rudman, Voting Member, Cape Cod Hospital, Community Stakeholder

ABC ACO Committees and Key Leadership Personnel

  • • Medical Director: Dr. Cormac Coyle
  • • Quality Assurance and Improvement Committee: Dr Susan Harrington, DNP, Chair
  • • Compliance Committee: Dr Susan Harrington, DNP, Chair
  • • Marketing Committee: Elizabeth Dunton, NP
  • • Finance Committee: Elizabeth Dunton, NP
  • • Provider Liaison: Dr Daniel Arnold

Aggregate Amount of Shared Savings/Losses

  • • Performance Year 1:
  • • Performance Year 2:
  • • Performance Year 3:

How Shared Savings Are Distributed

  • • Reinvest in infrastructure: 20%
  • • Distribution to ACO Participants: 80%