Emerald Values

Trust is at the heart of everything we do as a group at Emerald Physicians. It also happens to be the fundamental underpinning of the bond between Patient and Physician.

We believe in open communication and high expectations from our staff and patients alike.

In hiring, the trusting relationship begins before the first interview as we screen potential employees.

The bond is strengthened at the interview at which time (for most candidates) the interview is merely a confirmation of the alignment of values between the candidate and ourselves .

This trust is spoken about openly during the interview. For example we may say to a candidate that (if we are planning to hire them) “we are giving them this trust to do a very good job and we expect it to be honored at all levels”. This is empowering to the candidates but also carries the weight of high expectation right from the start.

At Emerald, we have always hired the “right” people even before we have positions for them. With the “right people” on board they will take the organization in its new direction while remaining true to Emerald’s core values.

To become an Emerald employee, it is essential to “buy in” to the values of working as part of a team. Everyone here is a volunteer and an advocate, working towards higher goals greater than oneself.

We remain independent of all vested interests as a medical practice with policies against any potential conflict of interest . We believe strongly in protecting our profession from commercial interests, and above all, protecting and advocating for the Patient-Doctor relationship.

We are scrupulously fair and respectful to our employees and our patients. We try to “be there” in a meaningful way at times of crisis for our employees and patients alike. Our advocacy for patients and staff is unmatched.

Working for Emerald is the hardest job most employees are ever likely to have. It is a higher calling.

The challenge of working for us is in turn matched by the respect, empowerment, and trust we give our employees as well as an environment where every one of your colleagues is a Gem.